Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

From full kitchen and bath renovations to countertop fabrication and installation, backsplash tiling, flooring installation and beyond, IVO is ready to help you with any project big or small!


We can also assist you with your stone and cabinetry projects for fireplaces, utility rooms, home offices, wetbars and entertainment built-ins. Update your kitchen with new trim, handles or add rollouts to your existing cabinets as well. We can also do those pesky “honey-do” projects! From design to install, we do it all!

Can you help me design my kitchen or bathroom?
Yes, our designers will work with you side-by-side to design your project and will be with you every step of the way to give you piece of mind. IVO offers complimentary in showroom design consultation. During this time we will get acquainted with your project in terms of product and scope and an estimate.

Do you offer a free estimate of my remodeling project?
Yes, after you have selected your cabinetry and door style at our showroom, we make an appointment to visit your home to measure. It takes a few days for us to come up with an estimate proposal.


While a preliminary estimate has variables and usually options, in order to produce a firm proposal, our designers will need to invest significant resources and time into creating a design just for you. Our designers will produce a project design that will be elegant, efficient, and realistic. It will be created specifically for you, incorporating your personal lifestyle needs and tastes, while considering the constraints of your space and budget. In addition, we will produce a written scope of work and comprehensive product list that are needed to produce the design presented.

Is remodeling my kitchen a good way to spend my money?

According to the NKBA, remodeling the kitchen and bath ranks right behind new windows and siding as the second best money spent on home improvement. Typically, you will recoup around 87% of your new kitchen investment if you sell your house in two to four years and select neutral options for your materials.


How much will my cabinets cost?
Cabinets vary dramatically in price just like cars or houses. Value brand cabinets are less expensive than semi-custom or custom cabinets, which can come with special finishes and upgraded storage features. IVO has a wide cabinetry options to fit any budget and style.


Can you match my existing cabinets or furniture?
All woods and stains change color over time—some more so than others. In many cases, IVO will try to find or custom build cabinetry that may be compatible with your existing cabinets or furniture. In no case can we guarantee an exact match.

What are the most popular finishes for cabinets?
In recent years, painted finishes have become very popular. In addition to basic whites and grays, there are many custom color options available to fit your tastes ranging from dark, earthy stains to bright, bold colors.

How long will it take to get the cabinets I order?
Order time varies depending on the manufacturer and the complexity of the job. The minimum time is roughly two weeks for value brand and may semi-custom options and can be as much as eight weeks for custom options depending upon the complexity of the order.


Is there a difference between granite and quartz?

Both granite and quartz make excellent countertop materials. However, they are not the same.


The main difference in the quartz vs. granite debate is that quartz is a man-made, engineered material, while granite is a natural product quarried from the earth. This means they look and behave quite differently, although you can find some quartz variations that resemble granite.


We offer both natural stone and quartz countertops and would love to help you make a selection for your home!


What is the best type of countertop for my space? 
There are many possible countertop choices! As with cabinets, your countertops need to function for you and when selecting a material, make sure you consider how you will use them and for how long.


Stone countertops such as granite, quartz, quartzite and soapstone are all good choices that we have available here in our slab yard. If you don’t see something you like in our yard, we can order any product to meet your wants and needs.


What Problems Should I Anticipate?

There are two things you can count on when remodeling your kitchen, 1. It’s probably going to cost more than you thought and 2. It’s going to take more time than you thought.


We recommend setting aside 20% of your budget to keep expenses in check for the unseen or unexpected issues that may arise. Be prepared to add an extra week or two to your timeline just in case something pops up.


What Can IVO Do For Me?
Our team is available to help transform your ideas into your dream kitchen or bathroom for you to enjoy. Our showroom serves as a premium design center where you can create your ideal space with the assistance of our designers. When you sign up with IVO, you will have the opportunity to select premium products for any project and have them installed by our in-house, experienced craftsmen. From design to install, we do it all!


That new kitchen doesn’t have to be a dream, with the right plan it can become a reality! If you're looking for a professional remodeling company, contact IVO Cabinets & Surfaces. We are the leading remodeling construction company in Central NY, just give us a call!


From design to install, we do it all!

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