Our Selection of ONYX

Translucent, Soft & Utterly Breathtaking

Onyx is a calcareous stone and is formed when limestone dissolves and

re-solidifies in a new form. Onyx makes a great backsplash because of its translucent appearance and can be backlit to create a soothing glow in any room you desire, but can be very brittle. In countertop form, onyx can still be lit up to create a warm ambiance but is heavily affected by acids and etching. Because of how soft the stone is, sealing is necessary. The sealers will help with scratching but acid etching and staining can still occur so it's recommended that you try and be as careful as possible with this stone. Onyx's fragile properties make it a rather unpopular countertop for a kitchen or bath but many people use it in showers and it looks fantastic and withstands repetitive use.

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