Deciding on Flooring

When it comes to deciding on flooring there are plenty of different materials, styles, and uses for each option. Each material comes with its pros and cons and I'm here to help break down how each material stacks up to the others. Here are the flooring options we will be exploring today:

• Vinyl • Laminant • Natural Wood • Stone • Porcelain • Bamboo • Carpet • Cork • Rubber • Concrete


Vinyl flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for most homes because of its low cost, low maintenance properties. It's a more cushioned surface than a hard stone or porcelain tile which makes it perfect for whole house, and is easier to install than most stone tiles also. It is water resistant which allows for it to be put in bathrooms and kitchen comfortably as long as it is properly installed.

One thing that you need to be cautious of is the potential for water to get underneath the vinyl, which could cause molding and the weakening of the sub flooring. Vinyl can also stain relatively easily and can discolor from wear and tear as well as cleaning. Although it is a popular option there are more durable and longer-lasting options.


Being easy to clean, resistant to most water, and being extremely difficult to dent or scratch has made laminate flooring a go to option for home renovations. It's easy to install also which means most home owners can piece it together themselves, cutting costs on renovations so they have the budget for other portions of their home. With real wood look without the potentials of damaging the floor, it's hard to ignore the benefits.

One drawback is that they may not click together properly though during install which can cause gaps. Excessive water can warp and swell the pieces like a real wood flooring and can be extremely slippery when wet also which is something to be careful of. Laminate also requires an underlaying padded piece so that it's not so hard to walk on but most companies include this with the purchase of the flooring..

Natural Wood

Natural wood is the most desired of all flooring options because of it's classic styling and easy maintenance. It increases home value and has many styles available which increases its popularity and overall appeal as well.

Unfortunately, it is rather expensive. Hardwood flooring has a tendency to be quite noisy to walk on also but that doesn't phase most people. There's also upkeep involved in owning hardwood floors because. every so often the need sanding and refinishing to stay looking like new. But again, that doesn't always phase people. The warn out, rustic wood look has been an increasingly more popular style choice so sanding and staining isn't always required. But like laminate, warping with moisture and excessive water is a rather big concern though and you definitely want to be weary of that.


There's tons of different stone flooring options to choose from and they're all naturally insulated making them perfect for the summer months when you want a nice cool floor beneath your feet, as well as the winter when you want the warmth from the floors to keep you nice an toasty. Some stones have a very high durability, like granite or quartzite, where as others can be brittle, like marble. Natural stone flooring does tend to cost a fair bit more than a porcelain or floor but it's a gorgeous option nonetheless.


There are now hundreds of porcelain options for flooring with every different shape, design, and style you can image. It's an unbelievably durable flooring that's resistant to liquids and stains, making it very low maintenance. It's also fireproof, so you don't have to worry about putting it in your living room near a fireplace or near a wood stove. Because of its repairability it has an incredibly long lifespan and will stay looking gorgeous for as long as you're in your home.

The high price and heavy weight of the stone is quite alarming. It can be rather difficult to install also since it is a heavy stone and there is grout surrounding each stone, meaning maintenance is needed to keep the seams looking clean, but everything worth owning costs a fair bit more than anticipated.


Made from natural materials, bamboo is durable and water resistant making it really easy to clean. It can be sanded and refinished just like a natural wood so you can change the overall appearance of the room it's in, or your whole house if you're feeling ambitious! It's overall not that expensive to purchase either, which makes it a great natural option for your home.

Just like every other flooring option there are a couple drawbacks though. Bamboo is not recommended for moist or damp areas since it can warp. It's a natural wood so that's somewhat expected but it's something to be aware of. Bamboo can also scratch since it's not as dense as some other natural woods. Another thing to take into consideration is the environmental impact. There's no grading system for bamboo so the quality overall can range a fair bit and it is also not 100% sustainable or environmentally friendly because of the adhesive that is used to glue the sheets together for forming the flooring. Overall bamboo is a gorgeous, reliable option for any home though.


There is nothing more satisfying than getting home from a long day of work, kicking off your shoes, and walking on a nice, soft, cushy carpet floor. There's so many different textures and designs to choose from and they are all sound dampening so you aren't going to hear what's going on in the rooms next to or above you when it comes to movement. Carpet also absorbs heat so it's always nice and warm for you to walk on.

As most people already know though carpet can stain. It's extremely absorbent so 10/10 don't recommend carpet in your kitchen. Cleaning carpet can be somewhat of a hassle to begin with, you don't want to have to get a steam cleaner for when you cook. Seams are another thing to beware of with carpeting since some large, expansive rooms can have a noticeable seam in the middle of the room. Wear patterns also can be a concern because of repetitive walking and movement in one specific area.


This is one of the strangest flooring options on the list, next to rubber, but it makes a lot of sense if you have a lot of allergies. Cork is quite cushion-y so it's great to walk on and it's also a good insulator so heat and cold don't escape very easily making it perfect for homes in areas that weather and seasons change quite a lot. Being hypo-allergenic means it's fantastic for people with severe allergies and it also possesses antimicrobial properties so if you have a weaker immune system, or just seem to always get sick, this is a great option for you. Cork is also environmentally friendly because it can be broken down and recycled and reused. It's easy to install and easy to maintain also which is rather unexpected since it's such a light, soft material.

Of course with it being a soft material it can be damaged easily, it's not ideal for pets since it can scratch and tear pretty easily. Humidity and water can warp it also which means it's not fantastic for kitchen or bathroom use also. Natural light could cause it to fade too but most flooring options can be discolored so this isn't too huge of a concern.


The other strange flooring option to consider is rubber. It's easy to install, easy to clean, and is rather low maintenance compared to other floor options. It's also extremely durable, which is expected coming from the material that makes up car tires. Rubber is soft to walk on and quiet which makes it good for a kids play room or bedroom. It's a recyclable material so it's environmentally friendly and it comes In many style options, which surprised me since again this material is used to make car tires.

The cost of doing a rubber floor is almost as alarming as how slippery this floor can be when it's wet. It also has noticeable seams, can stain rather easily, and can smell also if it's not cleaned properly. There's a lot of variations in how rubber flooring can look but it still has its cons, just like any other flooring.


As the most durable option this list it's important to stress that it is very long-lasting and is extremely easy to maintain. There are a lot of patterns and colors available also but unfortunately the ons outweigh the pros in my books.

Concrete flooring is extremely hard so walking on it can be rather uncomfortable and even cause arch problems for your feet. It's also cold all of the time. Being susceptible to moisture doesn't make it that great either especially since it gets very slippery the wet. Even when its dry concrete is very slippery, which poses as a rather big issue if you have young kids who like to run around the house.

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