Picking out a Backsplash

The backsplash peeks out between your cabinetry and appliances, but its importance shouldn't be underestimated. It can serve as a understated unifier or steal the spotlight from the sink and oven cooktop. After all, the beauty of a backsplash is in the eye of the beholder.

There are two types of backsplash:

- 2”- 4” slabs that works as a continuation of the countertop onto the wall

- Ceramic/glass tile that meets the countertop.

Both options look fantastic when finished but it’s a matter of preference.

It is important to consider the room as a whole when selecting the backsplash. We recommend to pay close attention to these four things:

  1. room color,

  2. lighting,

  3. countertop color, and

  4. cabinet color.

These factors together are what define your room.

When thinking about room color, you really want to think about what the overall feel of the room you want. Do you want warm and cozy? Bright and lively? Or maybe a comfortable inbetween. You wouldn’t want to buy a warm orange tile backsplash to go in a cool-colored lavender room. That would be a bit of a messy situation and it would be a really bold contrast to say the least. To continue on the warm orange tile though, if you have a tan or yellow room that would help to keep the room lively and comfortable. Then with the lavender colored room a more blue-based or white tile would help to keep the room bright and alive while still continuing with the cooler colored theme.

Lighting plays into the warmth or coolness of a room also. A brighter white light is going to make your room have a cooler feeling to affect the tone of a room just as much as the color of the walls. When deciding on backsplash taking the brightness and warmth into consideration is important for the reflective aspect. If you’re looking at tile that has some mirror pieces in it, whatever brightness of light you have is going to be amplified. If you’re looking at a ceramic tile then it won’t be as reflective but a darker backsplash can help to tone down the brightness in a room, which is important to think about if you have a warmer yellow light in the room.

Your countertops are most likely going to be the statement piece of the room. You can have amazingly detailed cabinets supporting the counter, but depending on the colors and patterning in the countertop, that will be the piece everyone talks about. It is extremely important to look at what colors are in your countertop when choosing a backsplash so they compliment each other and help to enhance the beauty of the countertop. The countertops in your room help to tie together the wall color and lighting as well as the cabinets, and ultimately the backsplash. You wouldn’t want to upset the balance of the countertop, and room, by selecting a dark backsplash for a lighter colored countertop. If for say you have a quartz countertop, you wouldn’t want to choose a backsplash that is a tan or sand color, it wouldn’t compliment each other. Instead a white or black subway tile would help to accentuate the beauty of the room and make you counters and cabinets pop.

Which brings us to cabinets. Depending on if the cabinets are painted or stained that already says a lot about the room. A stained wood will have a more outdoors-y and rugged feel as opposed to a painted cabinet which is more timeless and modern. With a darker stained wood it’s important to take all things into consideration when choosing a backsplash because your countertop and cabinets really dictate the rooms tone the most. If you have a dark stained wooden cabinet with a solarius granite countertop, you wouldn’t want to choose a white subway tile backsplash. It’d be contrasting styles! Instead a more subtle tan tile would fit the bill more. It wouldn’t be screaming for attention, it would help to pull the room together more. With a white subway tile, a white or grey painted cabinet with a quartz or marble countertop is going to look a lot more sleek and inviting. It’s important to look your kitchen as a whole at this point and go from there.

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