Storage Solutions: Bathrooms

With the average person spending between 45-60 minutes in a bathroom per day, it's safe to say this room sees a lot of use. Whether your bathroom is every spa lovers dream or a half bath with a corner shower thrown in, there's always a way to create more storage for the things you love (and need) in that room. If you ever find yourself short on storage here are a few options for some easy to do and easy to access space.

Door Organizers

The door is the first place to look for extra storage. Wall hooks, pegs, racks, and hanging rods are all great ways to add some extra storage easily. Wall hooks are great for hanging towels, jewelry, baskets or bags, and outfits for the next day. Wall pegs work in just the same way as hooks, it's just a different style. Rack systems are great for the back of the bathroom door since you can store lotions, moisturizers, washes and other toiletries away from the counter but in an easy to get to location. Hanging a towel rack on the back of the door frees up extra space on your walls and keeps them hidden from the public eye. Plus towel racks can also serve as a hanging system for upcoming outfits or dress clothes you may not have space for in a closet.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a unique way to add some extra storage next to your sink or near the shower for towels, toilet paper, soaps, shampoos/conditioners, or even makeup. They're easy to access and are super easy to install, simply hang a hook and stick a basket on. You can use large baskets, small baskets, square baskets, or round baskets. Any Basket that will find can do the job.


Extra counter space is never a bad thing, that's why small stands or tables make great additions to a bathroom. If you find an open space that's the perfect size for a small end table or shelving unit in your bathroom, they make great little statement piece and add a lot of potential for hiding away personal toiletries and necessities.

Extra Cabinets

Most homes already have over the toilet shelving but if you so happen to be missing that crucial area of storage then I highly recommend going and finding a shallow cabinet or floating shelves to put in that space. I can't tell you the amount of times our toilet cabinets have saved me from running out of toilet paper. We store at least 12 extra rolls of toilet paper up there and it's so much more convenient having it right above your head then across the room under the sink. That space is also great for towels and any hair products you may have. Dryers, curling irons, straightening irons and hairspray fit nice and neatly in that space and it's easy enough to access that you don't have to dig around to grab everything look you would if it was in a drawer or under the sink.


Shelving works in the same way as a cabinet but without the doors (obviously), so any storage you could get with a cabinet you can make with shelving. Space over your toilet? Shelves. Space off of your sink? Shelves. Empty wall with a lot of moving room? Shelves. Just think about all the candles and towels you can put in that bathroom with the more shelves you put in. There's nothing more relaxing than a soak in the tub or a good hot shower with the glow of candles surrounding you, and shelving can help put candles in those once unused areas.

For more storage solutions for other parts of your home, feel free to check out some of our past blogs. You can also call or stop by our showroom at 1100 Broad Street in Utica to talk to us about how we can optimize your wall, and counter, space and create some additional storage for you in your bathroom. We're available anytime throughout the week to help you create your dream home.

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