Storage Solutions: Bedroom

The bedroom is the most lived in room in the house yet there's always a lack of storage and space. Whether you have an apartment with a teeny tiny bedroom and no closet or a huge room with a nice walk-in closet, there's always ways to make your space more efficient and usable. Lets explore some options for improving the possibilities for your bedrooms storage shortage.


With hundreds of extra square footage surrounding you, wall space is a great way to create extra storage. Shelving is a cheap, easy way to add a lot of potential storage to any room. It work especially well in bedrooms though since you can store books, clothes, or unused blankets and pillows in an easily accessible space.

If you have a lot of keepsakes or books, creating a shelf that spans the whole perimeter of the room allows for you to store everything up in a previously unused, unthought of place. Have a favorite outfit or set of outfits you find yourself always going to? Just keep them out on a shelf! There's nothing easier than having it right there waiting for you, ready to go in the morning.

Cubbies are just fancier shelves also, so always keep them in mind when you're looking for easy storage. They're extremely helpful when you have clothes and things you want hidden away but they also help for quick accessible storage for anything you may need to get off your floor.

Sit-able Storage

Trunks, Cubes, Benches, and once again cubbies, are great options for storage space with extra sitting potential.

Trunks are fantastic for storing away blankets and pillows that you may not need or use all the time but also add a more vintage feel to a room. If you throw a pillow on them they also make for a great bench!

There are also a ton of benches now a days that have a lift up seat so you can store things away in there also.

Cubes are probably my favorite storage go to for a bedroom because they're super comfortable to sit on and if you have a guest coming over it makes a great storage place for any clothes or random things that may be laying around on your floor. They make pretty good hammers in a pinch.

Cubbies, once again, are a storage savior since they have a lot of storage potential and a great amount of seating available. I know our cubby bench comes in handy a lot more often that it should. We store everything in there. Make cubbies a sitting space is as easy as finding a couple nice, fluffy pillows and throwing them on top. You can also use an extra blanket if you're in a pinch, just fold it up all nice-nice and place it on top.


Like I had mentioned above, there are hundreds of square feet of wall space surrounding you everywhere in your home. The best way to maximize storage potential is to use it.

Pegs are another option for easy, accessible wall space. Unlike a kitchen however, I'm not suggesting a full wall gf peg board. I'm actually talking about wooden wall pegs that you typically find on coat hangers. Whether you're storing jewelry, belts, hats, sweatshirts, pants, your favorite blanket to curl up in, or the pile of scarves that always seem to get lost under your bed, wall pegs are a fantastic option for hanging things in an open area. Pegs are an easy way to hang shelving also as long as it's even.

Regular metal hooks can do the job also. Depending on the colors and style of your room these can tie a room together also. They allow for you to store things just the same as pegs but with a more sleek look and feel. Plus hooks can sometimes be more reliable than a peg since they, you know, hook onto things.

Staircase Bookcase

This is one of the coolest things I think I have ever seen. The next time I'm renovating my office room, or actually have a designated office room, I'm definitely putting one of these bookshelves in. This bookshelf may look ordinary but each shelf is a cubby space that pulls out to form a staircase so you can access the top shelf of the bookshelf. This ingenious idea just saved the day for short people, like me, who can never reach the top shelf of anything. Especially bookshelves.

Bed Frame with Built-In Storage

So this has been a fantastic option for many years now and I know everyone has already heard about it by now, but I'm going to stress how amazing these kinds of bed frames are. Now I know the ones that allow you to lift your feet and head and, even sometimes massage you, are amazing but having extra storage is such a blessing. I can't tell you the amount of times I've shoved things under my bed only to ever be able to reach it again. I've lost a lot of totes and backpacks that way. If I had under the bed storage I would have all of my luggage and bags neatly tucked away without the worry of it all disappearing. And that's not everything that would fit in there either.

Some of these under the bed storage systems have gotten so crazy with storage that some can even lift the mattress top up and reveal a full closet. There's one that even opens up into a full sized, walk-in closet but for whatever reason I can't find the pictures. Personally, I feel like that's excessive but I also know that having a tiny apartment with no closet can really make a person think about that. Anywhere you can find storage is a plus when you really don't have a lot of room available.

Headboards with Hidden Compartments

This is another crazy thing I had found when doing some research for this article and I had to include it. Now I had seen headboards made of shelving and that had little cubbies for small stuff in the sides but I had never seen a headboard that had a removable drawer/shelving system. I must admit, I can't believe I never had though of this idea since it really is incredible. You can store so many little things in there. You could make your headboard a hidden jewelry cabinet! the possibilities are there and I would really love to see what people have done with that available space.

With all these new innovative ideas coming out for hidden storage and more accessible storage, there's really so many more ideas that I found that I either didn't include at all or couldn't find pictures for, like the walk-in closet bed frame I mentioned above. Feel free to comment below with some of your space saving ideas or even just crazy storage solutions you have seen. Also, feel free to give us a call anytime to talk about how we might be able to help you with a new closet set-up!

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