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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

With the world of cabinets and cupboards getting more and more creative with their storage options, it's always good to explore your options and see what ways you can improve your space. Here are 10 ways to maximize your kitchens storage potential.

Tension Rods

Tension rods and an unbelievably easy way to create more storage space for yourself. Using a tension rod under your sink is a fantastic way to free up the bottom of that cabinet since you can hang all the spray bottles right on there instead of trying to figure out a way to read all the labels with them on the bottom. The more organized the space the easier it is to want to clean. Right? Maybe?

Another way to use tension rods is vertically. Using them to create a divider for plates, pans, baking sheets, and other baking needs you'll be able to access everything a lot easier. No more picking up 7 plates just to get your favorite one from the bottom! Plus, your baking sheets won't be all stuck inside each other so you can grab a single sheet, and just the sheet.

Peg boards

Peg boards are another great way to simplify storage inside a cabinet, but this time on the doors. Simply adhering a peg board to the door will allow for you to be able to store some more common, useful things on the door without having to dig through your cabinet. Whether it be utensils, pots, or pot lids, everything is a lot more easily accessible.

Peg boards are great right out in the open also if you have the free space. Simple drill it to the wall and BOOM! All your go to cooking stuff is right on the wall for you to grab. It's a simple, yet effective, way to clear out some cabinets and make your life that much easier. Plus, if you hang them up in the open, you don't have to worry about drying them after you wash them for the hundredth time that month!

Retractable shelves and hanging space

This is by far the most requested feature for a new kitchen. Retractable shelves make digging around in your cabinets and pantry 10,000,000x easier since you can actually see everything! Plus, they're extremely easy to assemble and install. There's also retractable hanging strips now that let you hang all your pots and pans inside the cabinets so all you have to do is slide it out, grab it off, and slide it back.

Hooks and cubbies

Hooks and cubbies are a cheap, easy way to create some quick storage. Adding a few hooks on the wall will clear up your cabinets, just like the peg board, but with far less holes to fill. Pots, pans, and utensils can hang right up on the wall and provide you with easy access to your essentials. Same thing with cubbies. Just a little wall cubbies proves a ton of extra storage for baking goods or everyday snack foods. Or, if you're not like me and have a ton of fruits and veggies then cubbies are prefect for you for additional food storage.

Spice Jars

This is my favorite space saving hack of all time. I buy almost all of my spices in bulk so instead of having a million and one little plastic spic containers laying around, I put all my spices in small mason jars. They're easy to stack, the labels are easy to read, and the spices stay fresher longer since glass doesn't alter taste. Another thing to do to save even more space is to glue magnetic strips to the bottoms of your upper cabinets. It may sound strange but because mason jars have metal lids they stick right to it and it leaves you with tons of new counter space.

Pull out shelves and drawers in unexpected places

With every kitchen design there's always at least one space that has an awkward opening or gap that needs to be closed up. Why not utilize that space with some slide out shelves? Most cabinet companies are providing options for sliding spice racks now but they are extremely easy to build if you're on a budget or have older cabinets that you absolutely love. They're a quick, easy way to store smaller goods that you cook with all the time. Like macaroni and cheese boxes. Who doesn't want a secret compartment next to their stove that holds all their Mac and cheese? Any one? No one? Just me? Oh well.

Floating shelves

We already talked about how cubby space can clear up room in a pantry but floating shelves do just the trick also! Any amount of space you have available can help you clear up some clutter and keep your countertops and cabinet space more organized. One place shelves could be a nice addition is next to your windows between the cabinets. Just a few small little shelves in those spaces can help get k-cups, plants, bills, snacks, junk mail, and spices (again) off your countertop. You can always just toss the bills and junk mail but if you're anything like me you have a pile on your window sill that's been growing for months and you don't know how or why but it's there. It's like it keeps multiplying itself. But either way, they'll help you maintain the clutter.

You can also hang shelves on open walls to display your baking products like white flour, wheat flour, cake flour, sugar, brown sugar, dark brown sugar, powdered sugar, baking soda, bak- you get the point. If you have those fancy-shmancy jars with the nice glass lids it's a great way to display everything while maintaining some semblance of organization and ease of use.

Under shelf storage

Let me tell you about the life hack that saved me from burying my tiny apartment sized kitchen in baking supplies. Drop baskets. These things are a life saver for small spaces with little to no cabinet space. Simply screw them into the bottoms of your cabinet shelves and voila! Extra free space! They work great for plates of all sizes and really help save space for those pesky bowls that are way too oversized to fit in ore normal places. I'm looking at you mixing bowls...

Rotating food trays

The lazy Susan is either your best friend or your worst nightmare depending on where it's located. Inside cabinets in those awkward corner spaces can get to be a hassle once you start to pile things in there but! There are places that can help you save a ton of space! Like your counter. I know, up till now I was trying to free your counter and now I'm telling you to put something on it. I get it sounds counterintuitive but because this is a rotating space with a bunch of possibilities its a good tool to have on your countertop. You can store a lot on those things.

Refrigerators also benefit from lazy Susan's. It may seem odd but think about al the random condiment bottles you have shoved in your fridge. Have a small rotating pate in there can help you free up some door space and allows for you to actually see all the sauces you have so you don't accidentally end up with three of the same barbecue sauces.

Hidden nooks and shelving in cabinets/islands

This is one of the more different ideas for adding storage but it's really effective in terms of storing cookbooks and other bulky materials. I was searching around for unique storage solutions and someone had converted a previously unused section of their island in a secret cubby space for books. The panelling was cut and turned into a door which concealed a hidden two shelf compartment that was deep enough to fit almost any cookbook. It's such a different idea but even if you didn't hide it away it was so tastefully placed that it's the perfect addition to an island.

Another location I've been seeing things stored is down in the kick boards of cabinets. It's becoming increasingly more popular to put a drawer down on the floor for storage of smaller non food items like sandwich baggies, aluminum foil, wax paper, and even totes so they aren't taking up prime drawer or cabinet real estate.

With all these new drawers, shelves, and cabinets available, they are many options available to help accommodate your storage needs. If you or someone you love is suffering from a storage shortage in their kitchen, feel free to call us any time to see how we may be able to help you find the perfect kitchen layout for your home!

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