Our Selection of SOAPSTONE

Natural Beauty, Soft Stone, Non-Staining

Soapstone is another naturally occurring stone but with a very dark color and light veins throughout. Soapstone is a non-porous stone which means that it will not stain, which is hard to say for granite and marble, but it still retains the heat dispersion that marble and granite possess. One thing soapstone has in common with Marble is how soft it is though, it's very easy to carve into. Unlike other natural stones, there are ways to alter the tone of this stone using mineral oil, which makes it extremely unique. Despite the beauty of this stone it is a lot to care for and requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its beauty. With granite and marble sealing the stone once or twice year is enough to keep it looking great but with soapstone you have to reseal the stone every 3-6 months so it doesn't lose color. 

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